You can

Be the creator of your life

be more attuned,

feel "on purpose", know that

the universe has your back

and stop feeling disconnected

Eliminate the Blockages

It is not difficult to be intuitively connected.  It is not difficult to use that connection to influence the unfolding of your future.  Some things have made it seem hard.  This program gets those out of your way.

The Old Reality

A world that says intuition is impossible, that creating your reality is snake oil and that everything is material. 
Other people who think they know what is right for you

A half-baked solution

  Where you have been given pieces of the process for changing that, but not the whole joined-up how-to instructions.  

Where bad instructions make you think you didn't do it right, and caused you to feel that it was your fault.

Inadequate methods

  You have been misled into believing that creation it is done with the cognitive mind, and not from the capacities of your deeper inner conscious in direct connection with the energy of the flow.

Deprived of your birthright

Everyone can be connected and no-one should miss out on that

Help is at hand

I have spent 30 years investigating and mapping this territory.
I know how to lead this journey.

Creating Connection

Prayer isn't a letter to Santa, it's a relationship.  Law of attraction could be easy, but isn't when you haven't made a connection.

 You have been sold a fantasy when the real thing is so much more potent.  It wasn't your fault and you deserve the truth.

I've been there

I have been teaching intuition for 30 years.  I am not gifted, so I have had to learn how, and that is why I can teach others. 

New Science

I also understand how the universe works. Years of research, personal experiences and great teachers led to my book "The Science of Possibility". 

Those foundations plus deep insight into the way your mind works are the source of the programme's power.

This is what it takes

Step by step to success

1. Develop your inner connection "muscle"

Connection is a whole-body process, using all of your cellular coherence as a detector and transmitter into the field of consciousness.  You will easily learn what that feels like.

2. Beyond limitations of Time and Space

Consciousness has no boundaries.  The field is omnipresent.  You can think of it as the mind of God. 


You can connect to anywhere and anything. You might need to practice though.

3.Connecting to plants and animals

Anywhere means just that.  Anywhere, so that includes the fields in all other parts of biological existence.  Your pets, your garden, the world of nature.  That means people too - your family, children, colleagues ..  What if you could be more sensitive and attuned to all that is unfolding?

4. Connecting to the flow of the universe

The universe has its own unfolding.  There is a flow to that river.  It helps if you don't try to swim upstream.

5. Influencing the flow through choice

The connection you build works in both directions. 

You can speak as well as listen. 

You can use your energy to alter the unfolding if the universe where its field touches yours.  You can be a creative force in your life.

6. Action, Gratitude, Surrender and Grace

The relationship is not only in the mind-field.  You need to take action in support of your intentions.  You need to extend the relationship with appreciation, with trust and acceptance of the flow.

What it requires of you

This is a developmental process, not a quick fix. 

Take it on with intention to practice.
I will encourage and support through a members-only Facebook group
I will do ongoing Zoom calls, available to you for 12 months
Participants  can support each other through a dedicated FB group
COMMIT to yourself and follow through

It will be worth it.

Start the change now

Your fastest route to change is to buy the program

If you need more time to prepare the ground,

  • keep reading the "7 Keys" book,
  • follow my blog on and
  • join the AccesstoPossibility Facebook group
  • look out for regular free offers and taster products

Reap the Rewards

You can expect benefits to show up increasingly as you go through the program and deepen your practice.  Watch for changes and expect surprises.  See new things come into being and old problems fade away

More Intuitive

You are more attuned to others, more able to support family, friends and colleagues and less likely to mis-read them

More Aware

You are more aware of the flow of energy and of what "pings" your awareness, alerting you to better choices

In the flow

Sensing the "flow", you become more able to harmonise your choices with what is becoming available and more potent in creating new outcomes

Soul connection

You awaken the core being of your consciousness, your soul, feeling more nourished and more aware of the support that creation makes available to you

More Empowered

You end the feelings of failure, disempowerment and aloneness

More hopeful

You have a new and grounded hope and readiness to create the life you choose.

Better Direction

Make fewer poor choices, take fewer wrong turns and avoid dead-ends

Ending the Loops

End the cycles of repetitious mistakes and lessons that you somehow don't seem able to learn

The PROFUNDITY of it all, which I of course knew from long before (your book) but now in concentrated form and with some practice experience, came down on me with full force today.


.. A gifting not only to/for/with me but into an unfolding, enfolding futuring of potentials not yet realized but quite realizable


Jon is one of the most insightful, authentic, and genuine people I have ever met.   He will open your eyes to expanding notions of reality.

Dr. Don Beck

From outside to insider

No more marginal, just getting by existence, feeling dull, disappointed, directionless and less than you know you could be. 

Put yourself in the driving seat of your existence, increasing your aliveness, ease, flow and joy, connected to the creation of the new you in the new world.


£395 /One time payment (4-month plan available)

Approx $495 / €445

The next program begins 20th July 2020.  Bookings will close 5th August.   Places will be limited.  


What you receive:


12 Guided visualisations over 4 months which

  • Connect your inner consciousness more deeply to the universe and its information flow
  • Take you into experiences beyond the boundaries of time and space
  • Show you how to connect with plant, animal and other kingdoms
  • Connect you with the flow of an emergent and unfolding creation
  • Take you deep into the experience of shaping the flow of reality toward your choices
  • Shift you into the mindsets that support continual creation and "never-off" connection

5 comprehensive deep instruction texts that take you into the new thinking, through the perceptual shifts and along the developmental journey. 


12 months access to monthly support calls

12 months access to Facebook support group

Personal Coaching will be available on a limited bases, at a significantly discounted rate for program participants.


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

This gIves you time to check out the first four visualisations.  No quibble refund.

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