Introduction to Spiral Dynamics

Applications in human development and change

Based on the theories of Prof. Clare W. Graves and the work of Dr. Don Edward Beck.

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1. Why learn about SD?  The Uses.

What does it tell you and where and how can you use it, for yourself, your organisation and society you are in?

Now available, Click above to view.

2. How have Values emerged?

The story of how Value systems have emerged and an exploration of our first four Values stages

Available January 9th 2019

3. Later stages and the Second Tier

The second four Values systems and the depth and significance of the "Momentous Leap to Second Tier."

Available January 23rd 2019

4. What causes change? 

The Dynamics of the Spiral, and the possibilities that they create.

Available February 6th 2019

5. Now what can you do?

Some examples, stories and inspirations about what you might do for yourself, your organisation and your society.

Available February 20th 2019