Articles: Spirals and Reinventions

Developing the application of Spiral thinking

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  • An early attempt to describe what the Coral system in Spiral Dynamics may emerge to be.  To be read with open-minded curiosity - what might it be like?  Rather than "this is what it is".

  • This piece expresses my belief that we need a narrative which reflects the shift into Second Tier, and which replaces the current story a first-tier humanity is telling itself about the state of the Earth, and how we should respond. 

  • The Spiral Dynamics approach to Organisational Development was described in the 1996 book as "Natural Design".   This article extends that image further into a living systems metaphor, and into a discussion about how to awaken the interior intelligence that crosses the boundary from organisation to living organism.

  • This article is about the great benefits that the Beige and Purple systems bring to human existence.  It describes how much of our intelligence is located in and accessible through our physical form, and why stronger roots in these early stages are essential for our engagement with the full capacities of Second Tier.  Based on an earlier article "Out of Africa"

  • An original paper written for the Journal of Experiential Psychotherapy,  this article explores the ways in which psychology develops during childhood, the ways in which development is hindered or damaged, and its implications for psycho-therapeutic interventions and for parenting needs.